LUBRICATION INDUSTRY SECRETS REVEALED: Why isn't the automotive lubrication industry offering the same convenience that other automotive industries are?  Basic arithmetic. They are afraid of lost revenue.  It's just that simple.  The technology has been around for decades. AMSOIL has never had an oil-related failure in over 35 years.  All the while, oil profiteers make a fortune on selling a cheap, $3-dollar per quart oil to the consumer.  Why?  They get a guaranteed repeat customer.  A slightly more expensive, non-petrolium based lubricant will significantly extend the life of your car's oil, and that’s obviously not in 'Big Oil's' interest.  They want you back returning as often as possible.  This is the heart of their business model.  It seems to model the ‘business plan’ of the Narcotic Drug Lords.  

Big oil has got you returning ever 3,000 to 5,000 miles for an inferior product.  You and your car are stuck, in a never ending of addiction, making them billions!

In fact, synthetic oils are just an 'add-on profit maker' to the oil giants. Their bread and butter is conventional petroleum-oil sales & gasoline. If they start selling cost-effective, long-lasting synthetic oils, petroleum oil sales will come to a grinding halt. It’s a proven fact that once you make the change to a synthetic lubricant, your vehicle requires far less maintenance, less upkeep, and less oil changes. This is slashing the oil giants profits on inferior, fossil-based oil.  This strategy should cause the oil monopolies to rethink their engine lubrication strategy, but it does not!  They know our cars are hopelessly addicted to gasoline and they have us by the throat on conventional oil.  

"I instantly noticed easier shifting, especially getting out of gears.  The clutch seemingly is effortless, and selecting a gear has gone from a bit of searching to seamless, fluid transfer. I love this stuff."

-Chris Meutsch

“About three years ago a friend told me about AMSOIL products. He explained how they would conserve fuel in my Dodge pickup truck. At first I was skeptical. I thought this was just another product promising to work better than anything else. After some convincing I gave in and tried AMSOIL. My Dodge pickup was a 2000 year model with 140K miles on it. My truck typically got 19-20 MPG. That following weekend we traveled to West Texas. I carefully calculated the mileage. . .then recalculated the mileage. I was amazed to find that my truck actually got 22.23 MPG after switching to AMSOIL. That is an increase of 3 to 4 MPG.”

-Richard Giddens


If you drive a car, not only will AMSOIL protect your engine better, make its life last longer, but the maintenance is a mere fraction of what you would pay for an inferior, less reliable, “oil” that leaves terrible carbon buildup.  

Conventional motor oil companies recommend 3,000 mile drain intervals

Know the Facts:

AMSOIL extended drain intervals mean fewer oil changes, long term savings and convenience.

Conventional motor oil companies recommend 3,000-mile drain intervals.
Conventional 5W-30 Motor Oil   
*(40 quarts needed for 25,000 miles)
@ $3.00/qt. x 40 = $120.00
8 Standard Oil Filters  @ $6.00 per filter x 8 = $48
Total: $168.00 YEARLY
AMSOIL recommended 25,000-mile/1-year drain intervals
AMSOIl 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil
*(5 quarts needed for 25,000 miles)
@ $9.15/qt. x 5 = $45.75
1 AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter   $16.00
Total: $61.75 YEARLY

You save $106.25 per year using AMSOIL premium quality synthetic motor oil and oil filters.

"It is extremely comforting to know that something in this life does what it is supposed to do."

-Stan Zmorzynski

"I own NASCAR race teams and a car dealership in Colorado Springs. I have been a long time user of AMSOIL products in both enterprises. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are required items for my late model race cars and the tow vehicles hauling these cars. My service department at the dealership is required to feature and use AMSOIL products. From dependable, high speed lubricants to hand cleaner, we rely on AMSOIL to get the job done."

-Bonicelli Racing

Even if you drive only 12,000 miles per year, the cost for AMSOIL motor oil is less than you pay for petroleum oil now!  Furthermore, you get better wear protection, lower engine temperatures, improved fuel efficiency, and easier cold-weather starts.  All of these benefits add up instantly.  A reduction in operating costs also means the entire life of your engine lasts longer. Moreover, you generate less waste oil, which helps preserve our environment and reduce our addiction on foreign oil.

Here's a brief summation of AMSOIL'S amazing benefits:

Cooler Engine Operation - Less engine stress & wear better performance, fewer costly repairs and longer engine life.
  Thermal/Oxidative Stability - A clean engine equal better performance, fewer costly repairs and longer engine life.
  Superior Friction Reduction - Improved feul economy and less wear. Longer engine life and fewer costly repairs
  Broad Temperature Range - Easier cool weather starting. Better high and low temp. protection means fewer costly repairs and longer engine life.

“We originally ran AMSOIL lubricants in three patrol cars and now, starting in the middle of November, all of the cars will be flushed and filled with AMSOIL products in every application. We have seen great results since we switched to AMSOIL products and we are going to continue using them. Troy asked me if I thought anyone could benefit with AMSOIL and I told him that the more AMSOIL lubricants a person uses and the longer they use them the more benefits they will see. “

-Chief Don Berger, Hondo Police Department

“At 94,000 miles, I switched to AMSOIL 10W-30. I immediately noticed a dramatic reduction in starting times. After using AMSOIL for about 2000 miles, the lifter noise was almost gone and has gradually lessened even more. Fuel economy has also improved since switching to AMSOIL. I drive about 160 miles to school twice a week and used a half tank each trip. Since switching, I return home from both trips with about 1/8 of a tank left.”

-Jason F.

“I have been using AMSOIL in my race car for about 2 years and found 2 advantages over the oil I had been using for years previously. I noticed lower oil temperature and an increase in horsepower.  My tow vehicle is a 2001 Holiday Rambler, 36 ft. diesel pusher. I immediately saw a 30° temperature drop in the engine oil and a 40° temperature drop in the transmission. That is very impressive!  To top it off, we saw an increase in fuel mileage. On a 5,000-mile trip, last year, we averaged 7.8 miles per gallon. The year before we averaged 6.3 miles per gallon. That is a very impressive improvement in mpg for a 30,000-pound motor home pulling a 24-foot trailer that weighs 6,500 lbs when fully loaded. Another plus is the water temperature never went over 180° after I switched to AMSOIL. Before AMSOIL, the water temperature would go over 200° on small hills and I would have to turn off the A.C. to go up steep hills and I had to turn on the heater to cool down the water temperature.”

- Richard Crites

Change your oil and filter today. Repeat in 12 months! That’s it! AMSOIL is not only more convenient, it's much better for the life of your engine.

* Comparison based 25,000 miles driven per year and 5-quart oil capacity.

Ray & Linda Cassenueve
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